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Research Topics

How to detect climate trends in clouds?

Tools: Satellite Observations (CALIPSO-GOCCP products, ISCCP cloud products, A-Train) & Climate Models CMIP5, lidar simulator COSP


Climate variability at regional scale, particular role of clouds

Tools: ReOBS synthesis of ground-based observations, WRF/MED-CORDEX simulation, lidar simulator, method of the analogues


Seasonal and interannual variability of clouds in Europe

Tools: Satellite observations (CALIPSO-GOCCP products), Regional models (WRF/MED-CORDEX simulation), lidar simulator, weather regimes classification

Current scientific projects

PI-France of AOS - Atmosphere Observing System

CNES-NASA Satellite Mission project, phase A


Co-director of GDR EECLAT - Expecting Earth-Care,Learning from A-Train:

Also supported by CNES-TOSCA


CoPI of water vapour lidar at OHP

Current teaching

Co-responsible of Master 2 PEPS in mention STePE (Université Paris-Saclay) Université, Paris saclay m2-physique-environnement-procedes-peps-0


Course Handout  about atmospheric dynamics:


Master 1 « STePE » at Université Paris-Saclay


My university UVSQ , OVSQ


University Paris-Saclay:


Articles Rank A



Feofilov A., H. Chepfer, V. Noël, R. Guzman, C. Gindre, M. Chiriaco : Comparing scattering ratio products retrieved from ALADIN/Aeolus and CALIOP/CALIPSO observations : sensitivity, comparability, and temporal evolution. AMT – special issue “Aeolus data and their applications”, Preprint,  

Rojas O., M. Chiriaco, S. Bastin, J. Ringard : Estimation of the terms acting on local surface one-hour temperature variations in Paris region: the specific contribution of clouds. ACP, Vol 21, issue 20,   



Ringard J., M. Chiriaco, S. Bastin, F. Habets : Recent trends in climate variability at local scale using 40 years of observations : case of Paris region, France. ACP, 19, 13129–13155,

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Bastin S., P. Drobinski, M. Chiriaco, Romain Roehrig, Clemente Gallardo, Dario Conte, Marta Dominguez-Alonso, Laurent Li, Piero Lionello, et Ana Parracho : Impact of humidity biases on light precipitation occurrence: observations versus simulations. ACP, sous presse.  



Noël V., H. Chepfer, M. Chiriaco, J. Yorks: The diurnal cycle of cloud profiles over land and ocean between 51°S and 51°N, seen by the CATS spaceborne lidar from the International Space Station. ACP,

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Chepfer H., V. Noël, M. Chiriaco, B. Wielicki, D. Winker, N. Loeb, S. Klein, R. Wood, R. Guzman : The potential of a multi-decades space-borne lidar record to constrain cloud feedbacks.  J. of Geophys. Res., accepted.



Dione C. F. Lohou, M. Chiriaco, M. Lothon, S. Bastin, J.-L. Baray, P. Yiou, A. Colomb : The influence of synoptic circulations and local processes on temperature anomalies over three French observatories. JAMC, DOI :



Hoareau C., V. Noël, H. Chepfer, J. Vidot, M. Chiriaco, S. Bastin, M. Reverdy, G. Cesana : Remote-sensing ice supersaturation inside and near cirrus clouds : a case study in the tropics. Atm. Sc. Letter, in press.

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Reverdy M., H. Chepfer, D. Donovan, V. Noël, G. Cesana, C. Hoareau, M. Chiriaco, S. Bastin : An EarthCARE/ATLID simulator to evaluate cloud description in climate models" for publication in Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres. J. of Geophys. Res., in press.

Chiriaco M., S. Bastin, P. Yiou et al. 2015 : Dry soils exacerbated 2006 heatwave in Northern France. Sciencefor Environment Policy, European Comission?s Environment Directorate-General. Highlight of Chiriaco et al. 2014. Issue 405.



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